Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

Vignette 2 – A Protective Nyssa


Vignette 2 - Protective Nyssa, digital artworkThe laws of this land were a funny thing, Nyssa mused. Written to protect the strong, they ensured she could protect the weak. But, in the end, how much difference could she do, outside her own lands?
(Vignette 2)

I did the second of my vignettes almost completely on stream, and let me tell you: I really enjoyed it. Love how this turned out. This format can be hard to handle, yes, but it’s such an interesting challenge. This time I left out the frame that so prominently featured in the first one┬áto keep it more open. I like that effect, and will play around with it more.

Progress shots

By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow