Imaginary Skies Art by Carina BK

Vignette 1 – Theodora Progress Shots

Progress shots for vignette 1 (of 100) showing Theodora in the Forbidden Library.

There’s a challenge going around on instagram called #draw100somethings – and its such a wonderful, fantastic idea. Pick your topic, draw 100 variants on it, and see how much and where you’ve improved. Figure out your weaknesses and strengths, all while building up a serious body of work. Did I mention that this is a great idea?

So I am going to join with full colour vignettes picturing what might be scenes from Nyx+Nyssa.

Of course nothing in this series is canon; for that only the comic pages themselves will count. But it’ll be great to sort out the kind of mood and style I want my graphic novel to have. And to get better at making my characters interact with their environment. Because the only cure for character-floatitits is doing backgrounds.

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina BK