Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow



This is just a little collection of my favourite thumbnails from Nyx+Nyssa’s first two scenes; dialogue with-held, of course.

I took care to pick the more extensive thumbnails, but even here you see what I meant with they range from „cross for face“ and nearly full drawings.

Sometimes the full drawings happen straight away simply because I know exactly what I want and it is easy to do – most of the portrait shots exist for this reason. A bad habit, perhaps. But it allows me to determine the character’s acting straight away, so I do not mind too much.

And sometimes I need the extended drawings to figure out how exactly an action shot is going to flow. That always feels like a personal failure of some kind. But in the end, they do save time. It’s better to figure out if I cannot get a pose to do what I want before I put a few hours into drawing it cleanly. I actually completely redid the thumbnails of a few pages just because I couldn’t get it right the first time. Sometimes „throw it out and do it again“ is the best approach.

But most of my thumbnails look like the squiggles that represents the background characters of the big panel on the first images. Not much to see there, is there? I mean, I do know what all these lines mean, but even I have to admit it looks like spaghetti.

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By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow