Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow


Mini-Sketch 4 – Dragon

Dragons are a big part of Realm's myths and legends, and sometimes there are even a few living ones around - much to the dismay of the peasant population...

Sketchbook 24Jun17

here are artists out there whose sketchbooks are things of heart-rending beauty - I am not one of them. This is probably the best page I've ever done.

Mini-Sketch 3 – “She kissed back!”

Nyssa is just such an earnest young woman; she simply acts on what her heart commands, unafraid of the consequences. I like writing her a lot.
Ballpoint pen this time. Works well, but I seriously need to fix my phone's camera.

Theodora, Variants

Toldja I was working on a redesign for her. Not quite there yet, but Number 2 is my favourite so far. Not sure why I am always drawing an adult Theodora when she's a child in the story, but maybe I just want to know how she ends up.

Mini-sketches 2

Pen works SOOO much better than pencil - even though the result is, right now, worse. But the goal is to ween myself off all that fiddling I do, and I hope that'll help.

Mini-Sketches 1

Mini-Sketches 1
These are quite fun! Not sure if pencil is the best tool for them, but I like exploring more dynamic poses


Unicorns on Realm are infertile as long as their horn's pristine and their power's intact. If they to try for biological children, they have a harsh decision to make

Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow