Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow


Daily Sketches of Week 46 2017

I started daily sketches over at my instagram, both for practice and for fun, and I am pleased to say it’s working out. I like what I made this week!
The theme seemed to have been side-eyes. Just Theodora does her own thing, as usual.

Nyx’ Mane

Nyx' Mane

There's a REASON Nyx shaves the sides of her head: "80's anime called, they want they hairdos back." Girl got quite the mane when she doesn't take care of it.

Mini-Sketch 4 – Dragon

Dragons are a big part of Realm's myths and legends, and sometimes there are even a few living ones around - much to the dismay of the peasant population...

Sketchbook 24Jun17

here are artists out there whose sketchbooks are things of heart-rending beauty - I am not one of them. This is probably the best page I've ever done.

Mini-Sketch 3 – “She kissed back!”

Nyssa is just such an earnest young woman; she simply acts on what her heart commands, unafraid of the consequences. I like writing her a lot.
Ballpoint pen this time. Works well, but I seriously need to fix my phone's camera.

Theodora, Variants

Toldja I was working on a redesign for her. Not quite there yet, but Number 2 is my favourite so far. Not sure why I am always drawing an adult Theodora when she's a child in the story, but maybe I just want to know how she ends up.


She's got enough harpy-blood in her that she has bird-bones, but not enough to be ably to fly. Enough magic that sorcerers try to use her, but not enough to do anything useful with it on her own. Her mood tends to be foul.
Working on a redesign her; I want to keep the feathers and a sharp, angular face, but I want her to look a little bit more human to match Nyx and Nyssa's new design

Mini-Sketches 1

Mini-Sketches 1
These are quite fun! Not sure if pencil is the best tool for them, but I like exploring more dynamic poses

Nyssa’s Roses

Nyssa's Roses
I redesigned Nyssa to be less furry while working on this picture, which kinda took the wind out of my sails. Too bad, because it was turning out quite well

Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow