Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

Streaming: One Month In


Screenshot of my Twitch Archives after one monthSo, almost exactly a month ago I started streaming on twitch – basically on a whim. And it worked out so much better than I‘d ever expected.

Not so much in viewership –  Right now it averages out at less than two people. Not surprise there; I started out with a social media footprint of basically nothing, so I had no pre-existing viewership to drive to my streams. It‘s fine. They‘ll come. Or not. Either way, I‘ll keep at in.  I can make all those beginner mistakes with only a few people laughing at me.

No, the surprise was in how much a difference streaming does to my concentratuon. I get so much more done in much less time.  First, the stream enforces butt-in-chair with a minimum of distractions – there’s only the random door bell, and some cat shenanigans. Second, the set streaming schedule means I actually know when I’ll work that illustration up again. And I finish the stuff I start, which is so, so important – I used to put down my personal art and rareky pick it up again. Thirdly, now that I started narrating what I am doing, I started being so much more thoughtful and deliberate – I get so much more practice out of the time I stream.

Things I learned in one months of streaming:

  • My accent comes out strongly when I am nervous and/or thoughtful – and on stream I am both at the same time. Which means I sound like a two-bit Bond-Villian. Where’s my vulcano-base?
  • Music makes a huge difference for the audience. I am currently using and it’s working out quite well! Plus it is nice to listening to music while arting.
  • My headset is dodgy. It doesn’t make a difference for teamspeak, but OBS regulary forgets it exists. However, the integrated headset of the art machine is a pretty good alternative.
  • Bob Ross was even more impressive than I initially thought. Art and talking at the same time all while keeping it coherent and in a pleasant voice – that’s hard. Really hard.
  • Setting up a decent twitch profile is a lot of work, and I am not even half-way done. Don’t want to fiddle with it too much yet, though.
  • It‘s so nice to have company during art and read people‘s comments, if they happen. Art can be really lonely and streaming helps.

So, yeah. Streaming‘s good.

Now if I just would stop letting my tea go cold…

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow