Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

Self Marketing and Social Media – How to?


Okay. So. Self-Marketing.

As much of a dirty word it is, in the end it just means on thing: You, the artist, must ensure that your audience, aka people who’d love your stuff, are actually capable of actually finding it. Because in todays world even the most brilliant art will languish un-appreciated if nobody knows it exists.

Self-Marketing on Instagram (Screenshot)
Instagram is my most successful Social Media account currently – with 77 Followers. Ooops?

That’s the basics. Self-Marketing makes it so that people who might love your work actually can learn about its existence, nothing more or less.

And on the internet, the best way to self-market is to use social media. Too bad I kinda suck at it.

Part of it is a matter of time – I basically started only last year. And growing an audience always takes a while. The other, more pressing issue is that I am a bit of a habitual loner and thus have no clue what I am doing. So I’ve been taking courses at udemy, which helped a bit; actually got my butt on discord and now I am watching people who actually seem to be knowing what they’re doing – people with lots of followers.

And so far this whole self-marketing/social media thing looks surprisingly simple:

  1. Post art regularly, preferably daily, but at least multiple times a week.
  2. Interact with others: Comment, like, follow, participate in hashtags, all that good stuff.
  3. Learn which style works best for which audience.

Of course, “simple” rarely means easy.

The update schedule alone is a problem – my illustrations tend to take between ten and twenty hours each, which kind kills a daily schedule unless I figure out a nice way to create previews. I do want to get better at this, though. I need a bit of a pre-existing audience so that I do not have to start Nyx+Nyssa with absolutely nothing.

So. I make I’ll continue to make and post it on twitch, twitter or instagram.

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow