Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

Quarterly Review for March 2019


Yeouch, Time flies. March 2019 is over already and that means it’s time for a my quarterly review.

So, have I reached what I wanted? Yes and No. Originally I’ve set these goals for January only, but I found that a post each month is simply too annoying for me to keep up with. So quarterly reviews it is.

  1. The new “do most important thing first thing in the morning” habit is absolute amazing – if I manage to pull it off. This one requires some supporting habits, and the next three months will be dedicated to building these up.
  2. Meditation: That was a bust. I still like the difference it makes in my life, but I keep forgetting about it and/or have more important things to do. I’ll set this aside for now. Perhaps another time would be better.
  3. Floss every day: I did that more often than I did not, it’s not that hard. Sometimes I still forget, but all in all flossing became a thing I do regularly enough and I am happy with that.

But a more important question:

Are things on track for the yearly plan?

I think yes, I’m getting there. Just as a refresher, my art-related goals for the year 2019 were:

  1. Publish Nyx+Nyssa
    This is happily on track, looking good
  2. Do 50 full-colour illustrations
    I’m behind, but it’s still doable
  3. Open commissions in January
    Oops? Yeah, this still needs to go up. Need to do some prep-work there, but keep getting distracted by more pressing matters.
  4. Finish my webpage(s)
    Half-way done! There are no visible construction sites on Imaginary Skies anymore, and it can be expanded whenever the need arises. I am happy with it for now and can safely set it aside to craft the page for Nyx+Nyssa
  5. Spruce up my Social Media
    I sorted out my instagram, my twitter and started posting to pinterest, a page I really enjoy. So I file that one under “happily on track”.

An annoying new snag

The new planner
A new planner, because brains
are odd. At least mine is.

Of course there’s a fly in the soup: Even though everything else works more or less fine, I have a devil of a time to get back into my bullet journal.

You see, my brain sometimes does that annoying thing where it goes “new habit is most important thing in the world” – which is great, as long as it’s fresh, and new, and I never break my streak. And well… I didn’t use my bujo at all during my travels in December and March. And now my brain files it under “can’t have been that important” and I keep forgetting to look at it, just like I did for the apps. Oy.

I miss it. I really do. It helped me with the focus. I enjoyed writing it, planning it and figuring out my priorities every day. But it isn’t helpful if I am not using it.

So I switched to a pre-printed planner for now. It’s… eh. It works. I liked my bullet journal better, but this planner’s different enough to get around the “It ain’t important anymore.” And I hope that in a few weeks my brain’s reset enough that I can go back to my bullet journal. And next time I’m not gonna leave my planner at home, unless I plan a switch

And speaking of next time…

My focus for the next three months

Next quarter is mainly dominated by deadlines which keep creeping up to me. Some are self-imposed, but others, e.g. the patreon one, are non-negotiable thanks to… shenanigans. I didn’t want to create a patreon quite yet, but if I wait I’ll have to pay more fees for the of patreon’s life.

So, the goals in order of priority:

  1. Put up a Patreon before 15th April
  2. finish final draft & thumbnails for Nyx+Nyssa’s first chapter
  3. develop the supporting habbits for the “most important thing first thing in the morning” one
  4. get up to 25 full colour illustrations
  5. Make web-page for Nyx+Nyssa
  6. Finish and add the comissions page.

Let’s see how I do.

By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow