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Iron Spike’s “This Is Everything I Know: A 24-Hour Comic About Comics”

Iron Spike's "This Is Everything I Know: A 24-Hour Comic About Comics"
Spike’s comic, despite its self-proclaimed mercenary nature, was actually one of the most uplifting treatise about creating comics I’ve read.

Update 14th December 2018:
Spike’s tumblr has been a casualty of tumblr’s great snitfit of 2018, and so the only way to read this 24-Hour Comic About Comics is to buy it over at the Iron Circus store

Iron Spike’s “This Is Everything I Know: A 24-Hour Comic About Comics” is one of the best introductions to the actual business of creating independant comics. Yes, she created it back in 2013, but it’s general enough that it still holds true. And Iron Spike (also known as C. Spike Trotman) knows her stuff: She successfully runs her own publishing company over Iron Circus Comics.  You might’ve heard of As the Crow Flies – that is published by her.

Spike warns about the “pretty mercenary shit” in the disclaimer, but honestly? The “pretty mercenary shit” is exactly what I am here for. Because rent still needs to be paid and catfood bought, so if I truely want to spent the majority of my time on comics, it’ll need to generate enough income for it to be feasable. Gotta be pragmatic about these things.

For me the biggest take away from “This Is Everything I Know: A 24-Hour Comic About Comics” is to set expectations correctly. Yup. Even if that comic thing goes anywhere, it’ll take a while. Nope, you’re not getting any big fame. And even if you work your arse off, it might never, ever work out.

Bleak, isn’t it?

I found it a relief. Nothing’s secure in life, and I’d rather go for what I want, instead of trying to play it safe and still fail. There’s a shortage of people who are honest about potential pitfalls without being cruel. It’s truely a fresh breath.

She doesn’t update her tumblr often these days, but she’s still very active on twitter and share’s a lot of useful information over there. This twitter thread is very worth reading, for example.

By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow