Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

Happy new year! I’ve got GOALS for 2019


Hope everyone of you had a good start in the New Year! May it be better than the last one! We can do this. We survived 2018 after all.

My art-related goals for 2019!

  1. Publish Nyx+Nyssa
  2. Do 50 full-colour illustrations
  3. Open commissions in January.
  4. Finish my webpage(s)
  5. Spruce up my Social Media

Goal 1: Publish Nyx+Nyssa!

The first draft is done, I am just doing some editing now – which means I’m almost good to go. And so Nyx+Nyssa, my new web-comic is finally going to go live this in summer. It’ll be twice a week, because once a week’s to slow and my art’s to complex for three times a week.

I am getting faster though, and that’s something that gives me hope.

Goal 2: 50 full-colour illustrations

That’s basically one illustration per week with two weeks off. That’s a lot. But judging from the last few months I can do it, provided I don’t come down with any health issues. And I like having one or two items on my plan I really have to strive for.

These fifty colour illustrations will be a mix out of my series of vignettes, random images like the Coffee&Crime themed ones, and, hopefully, a few commissions.

Goal 3: Yes! Commissions!

You read that right! I plan to take commissions again before January ends. Keep an eye on this page if you’re interested in one, and well, I’ll likely shill them in the usual channels, too.

Will I even sell some? Perhaps not! But you’ll have the option to buy one!

Goal 4: Website work…

That’s more housekeeping than art-creation, but still important. Webpages, in many ways, are like speech bubbles in comics: Essential, but in general only noticed if something is wrong with them. This very blog/portfolio here still requires a few more licks of paint, and I of course I need to put Nyx+Nyssa’s webpage together.

Goal 5: Spruce up my Social Media Presence

Not quite sure how to measure that yet, but I need to sort out my social media presences. I know I want to focus on my twitch and instagram. The art itself is more important, but what good is it when nobody can find it?

Do you have any goals for 2019?

Well, resolutions and goals really aren’t for everyone. But if you are someone for whom they work, feel free to drop them in the comments below. It’ll be interesting to see how they shape up and which ones got achieved and which didn’t.

By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow