Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

Daily Art 15.01. – 21.01.2018


The hardest part of getting back into the Daily Sketches was figuring out how to handle the break.  I was very, very tempted to just ignore the broken streak, you know, to just play catch up. But I’d behind for weeks and would get more and more discouraged. And even if I did catch up – I’d still know I broke that streak.

So I decided on the simple and honest way: Separate the daily sketches into continuous streaks and if I miss a day, I’ll start over. Streak 1 got me up to 52 days, perhaps I can beat that.

There are also two creatunary prompts among these, the hippogriff and the quilen.  Since creatunary is fun I do not want to pass it up completely.  I’ll only draw the prompts that interest me and do my own stuff otherwise.

As usual, you can see these sketches with their individual commentary over on  my instagram account.

By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow