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Currently Listening: Productivity Alchemy

I’ve mentioned Productivity Alchemy before in my post about starting bullet journalling, but it really is great enough that it needs its own post. It is a weekly podcast published every Thursday by Kevin Sonney; it usually co-stars artist & author Ursula Vernon. They’re now up to nearly 70 episodes, and every single one is worth listening to – although though some of them can be hard to understand. Some of the earlier episodes are too soft and some interviews have a lot of background noise. I can‘t use my headphones for those as I’m a bit hard of hearing. It still is one of my favourite podcasts, though.

Why I love Productivity Alchemy

It actually lives its own values, it really does. It’s been seriously productive. The podcast updated weekly for longer than a year now, and had just one single, announced break. And that’s the major tenet of productivity, isn’t it? Get things done, in a timely manner. Additionally I found their improvement really encouraging. The first episode was already quite good, but it also was… barebones, so to speak. At least if I compare it to the later ones.  The podcast improved more and more as time passed: The break points between introduction and interviews got music, Kevin figured out his sign-off, they established a good pattern for the letter episodes and the already mentioned dreaded sound quality issues got gradually better and better, even if there were a few throw-backs here and here. I didn‘t have any hearing issues at all with the later episodes. I find this kind of improvement even more encouraging than something that’s perfect from the get-go – it showed me that, yes, you can just start on something and work on the details later. That’s balm for my little perfectionist soul – Even if things are rough, it’s important to finish them. I am not sure if Kevin actually intended this to be a lesson on its own, but he sure demonstrated it very well. And I took to my heart. Without Productivity Alchemy this webpage wouldn’t be live yet, because I’d be to busy detailing random things to actually finish it. That‘s a form of procrastination, too, and this podcast cured it.

Verdict: Try it out!

You might not like it if you are the type to avoid cuss words. You might not like it if you cannot stand Ursula and Kevin’s humour, or they way they happily play off each other. And it really isn‘t for you if you want to avoid discussions of mental health for your own sake, both the hosts and some of their guests are quite open about their own struggles in that sector. But if those things work for you like they do for me, then you might learn a lot from it all while being seriously entertained at the same time. Afterall, it got me to try out bullet journaling, despite my initial „hss, that‘s FAFF“ reaction. And it helped that much.
By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow