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This is the list of all the notable comics projects I have embarked on so far. As short as it is, I am happy to say it’s growing steadily.

You see, that’s the annoying thing with epic graphic novels: As worthwhile as they are, they take a while to create. But since I’ve recently found joy in shorter stories, you can expect more of those, soon.

Speaking of epics, I hope you will enjoy:

Nyx+Nyssa – a webcomic coming in 2019

Nyssa is a young sorceress who rules peaceful barony in a remote corner of the Empire, where the world just passes her by –  until she herself gets attacked in her very own castle. So she enlists the help of her grim friend Nyx and sets out to root out her wanna-be murderers before they come back to finish their job.
But first Nyssa has to deal with Nyx’ old employers… And the growing realisation that, yes, she’s very much in love with her grim friend.

Nyx+Nyssa is coming along nicely. As soon as the first book’s done, I will start publishing it as webcomic – this way the first instalment of the story will complete, no matter what’ll happen.

See also the tag: Nyx+Nyssa

Traces of Chaos – on hold for rewrite

In the far flung future, the last free remnants of humanity are slowly but surely losing their war against their far superior alien foe. Siendes I. Lahamar had been just one of the countless soldiers captured in this conflict –  but now, eight years later, she’s finally managed to escape and is on her way home to Earth.
But space is huge and hostile, and so she crashlands on the strange, artificial world of Trarran. The locals there are friendly but wary – and they have a very accurate grasp on interstellar politics for people without spaceflight. So Siendes quickly realises she might’ve found what Earth needs most: A potential ally.

The very first of all my long-from comics it got killed by a combination of a job requiring constant travel and my own inexperience – especially because I wrote it page per page, which is hard when handling epics. But I learned a lot from its failure to thrive. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I am doing with Nyx+Nyssa. Traces of Chaos has been formative in many, many ways.

I still love this story, its setting and all the characters it it, so I work on a rewrite whenever I have time. There’s lots of good stuff to be salvaged. And when Nyx+Nyssa is secure/done, I’ll start publishing a completely new version of Traces of Chaos. I’m quite looking forward to that, it’s going to be great.

See also the tag:  Traces of Chaos

Coffee&Crime – a planned collection of connected short comics

What happens on an alien world where Nyx is a washed-out wrestling diva and Siendes a curiously under-employed military cop? Hijinks ensue, of course. They cross path with young Theodora, who tries to gain her emancipation from her father’s family. Meanwhile Chalcara’s sees her chances of securing her people’s future dwindling and grows desperate.
At least there’s coffee. Lots of coffee.  

A literal coffee-shop AU to all my other comics. Happy times for everyone! But I’m still me, of course. So it features organised crime, cold case murders, terraforming of questionable legality and people getting shot in the throat.

It will not be a coherent comic anytime soon. I lack the time and want to do Nyx+Nyssa and Traces of Chaos first. But since I do enjoy drawing the characters in this setting, I list it here to pre-empt confusion. Coffee&Crime characters do not have any impact on their regular versions.

See also the tag: Coffee & Crime

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow