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Bullet Journaling: I joined the Cult.

a notebook for bullet journaling
So. I picked up Bullet Journaling. Yup. I’d been using trusty todoist for a while, but life changed, and I found myself checking it less and less. Don’t get me wrong, todoist is still great and if you’re in the market for a productivity app I can heartily recommend it- but apps aren’t working for me anymore. Nothing that lives on my phone does. So, thanks to a suggestion from Productivity Alchemy I tried a bullet journal, and I kinda… like it? It works, at the very least.  I do love a good notebook and I definitely get more stuff done and I have a better overview of what’s actually important. But go google Bullet Journal for a second. You’ll see that it can be a lot, and I mean, a LOT, of faff. Painted pages, pretty pictures, perfect hand drawn planner pages –  all stuff I’d do to pretend I’m actually making progress without, you know, actually putting it the work. Looks nice, granted, but, to put it into Admiral Akbar’s words: It’s a trap! So I’ve limited myself to some simple lists, my fountain pen, a single highlighter colour and ABSOLUTELY NO DRAWINGS. It’s nice keeping track of the day, writing down the commentary and my checkboxes for “did I take my pills or not” proved themselves very useful already. The tasks themselves are kinda odd. There’s no system behind it. Should they be done on the same day? Or is it more like a “task came in today, might be done later” thing? There’s no clear answer, and I am left to figure out what’s best for me. Incremental improvement, so we meet again. I’ll keep on  bullet journaling for the moment. It’s fun. But will it be useful in the future? I guess I’ll see.


  • I’ve cobbled together something pretty similar to this, using Google Sheets, and it did WONDERS for my productivity. Best thing there – I can have finished tasks light up neon colours so I feel rewarded for checking something off.

    … I should give it a try in rl too, with a journal and some coloured highlighters for the neon colours. Hm. 🙂

    Any advice for getting started besides “just do it” and “google the topic”? 🙂

  • Google it will get you all the pretty pages which made me snarl at my screen. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to make something pretty, its just absolutely NOT for me.

    But starting is rather easy. The main page over at has a pretty good introduction. Most important bit is the daily list with the coding, the rest is optional. Taking notes on the daily list is helpful. I use google calendar and a later list instead of a future log and I use weekly overviews instead of monthly. I think everyone keeps their bullet journal differently.

    I’ll prolly post an update on how I bullet-journal as soon as I set up my filofax to my liking.

By Carina
Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow