Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow


Currently Listening: Productivity Alchemy


I’ve mentioned Productivity Alchemy before in my post about starting bullet journalling, but it really is great enough that it needs its own post. It is a weekly podcast published every Thursday by Kevin Sonney; it usually co-stars artist & author Ursula Vernon. They’re now up to...

Nyx+Nyssa Chapter 1 Draft 0 done!


On 17. October I finally finished Nyx+Nyssa Chapter 1 Draft 0. Yay! Progress and Vindication! My process so far worked! Some observations: Outlines for me are useless to decide the shape of the story, but page breakdowns… Now those are helpful.   Every weekend I plan out next weeks drafting...

How I write: Nyx+Nyssa in October 2018


First things first: this is not a how to write. Neither is it a guranteed good way to do it, perhaps not even for me. Nope, this is just how I write my comic, right now in late 2018. After a phase of seriously overthinking things, I decided to keep my process as simple as possible. Right now...

Backup systems and their fallibility


So, my backup system, this Monday it failed. Originally I was pretty proud of it, especially since I was working on multiple machines. I have an icloud folder setup on which I work – save directly to cloud – and another one in which I archive finished work. I was traveling a lot and...

Bullet Journaling: I joined the Cult.


So. I picked up Bullet Journaling. Yup. I’d been using trusty todoist for a while, but life changed, and I found myself checking it less and less. Don’t get me wrong, todoist is still great and if you’re in the market for a productivity app I can heartily recommend it...

Sketch of a grumpy Nyx


Playing around with Procreate app again – I do love their pencil tools. This one turned out rather dark, but it’s still quite clearly a very grumpy Nyx. Low-key anger seems to be her default expression when she’s not around Nyssa: There are  many grumpy Nyx in my...

A sketch of Nyssa’s new hair style


A sketch I did to figure out Nyssa’s new hair style. Nyssa’s a character who changes her hair often.  She’s gentry and gifted in the secret arts, so she has both the ability and the interest to change her style often. She enjoys staying up to date with the latest fashion; but...

Daily Art 26.03. – 02.04.2018


Yes, it’s definitely time to stop these. They were fun, I learned a lot, but I am getting burned out and want to do some more complete and complicated work, which this format doesn’t allow.
And here, number fifty!

See you next project!

Daily Art 19.03. – 25.03.2018


For the picture above, i took a work in progress and added enough to work as a daily art. I miss doing more complex work.  It’s probably time to finish the daily arts and look for another art project to do until the comic is good to go. But I want this streak to go to fifty first. Fifty is a...

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow