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And thus, the eclipse was gay.

A rather neat side-effect of the eclipse this month was a slew of really cute eclipse art over at twitter. The concept of sun and moon as lovers is as old as humanity, but I love seeing modern interpretations of it. 

Five Things About Likes on Instagram

So, I've been using Instagram for a few months now and while the whole "how to get followers" thing still eludes me, I learned a few things about what matters when it comes to getting likes on Instagram.

“Real Artists Have Dayjobs” by Sara Benincasa

I swear the bookstore in Waterloo Station is in cahoots with South West Trains. Half of their revenue probably comes from people bored out of their mind because the trains, once again, run late. That’s exactly how I ended up with “Real Artists Have Dayjobs”  by Sara Benincasa during Southwest’s latest “no train service for two hours nyahahaha” outage. It had a cute cover and I was stressed and thus in the mood for some potentially helpful fluff. And while I’d prefer more punctual trains, I don’t regret purchasing that book at all.  I genuinely...

Brainstorming plot can be quite useful…

But only if you can focus on the part of the story you right now have to work at.
No brain. NO. I do not need ideas about Theo’s first marriage. It’s at least five years ahead from where we are in the story. I need a character-appropriate ways for Nyx to smash things. Not her reactions to people trying to put her into a dress, as funny as they may be.
Brain, no. BEHAVE.
Detail work like editing seems to help, at least a bit.

At this stage, all my writing’s plotting.

So, lately I have been hammering out the scene count for Nyx+Nyssa, my fantasy-horror romance (is it still horror if the main characters WIN?) and the outline is shaping up nicely. Ideally it gets done this week and I can hammer out the rough script next month during NaNoWriMo. It’s quite interesting to work on book per book basis – there’s a metric asston of story there; but I can only fit so much into the roughly 100 pages of each book. 100 pages are 25 scenes on an average of 4 pages per scene. That’s actually damn little space for a full fledged fantasy story, and I have to pick and...

Budgeting Time

Last month I’ve stumbled about a series of very interesting tweets: Often drawings go wrong because the artist hasn’t thought beforehand about how much time to budget for that particular drawing. — Tips from Jesse Hamm (@Hamm_Tips) 7. Oktober 2015 Budget too much time for a drawing and you’ll grow tired and bored well before it’s completed. It may become stiff, overworked, uninspired. — Tips from Jesse Hamm (@Hamm_Tips) 7. Oktober 2015 Budget too little time for a drawing, and toward the end you may become panicked and frustrated, cutting corners and making sloppy mistakes. — Tips from Jesse...

Creating characters to match your plot

Over at webcomic underdogs a fellow comicer posed the question of how to come up with characters to match the plot. It’s a good topic (give it a read) and it made me think, especially considering that my usual writing style is “find character, throw her or him at the world”. This is an intersting answer to that question: Characters are the lifeblood of a story – a story wouldn’t happen if they didn’t interact with the world. So, I think the question you need to answer is “What kind of person would choose to act like this plot requires?” For example, your plot requires a young teenage...

Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow