Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow




This is just a little collection of my favourite thumbnails from Nyx+Nyssa’s first two scenes; dialogue with-held, of course. I took care to pick the more extensive thumbnails, but even here you see what I meant with they range from „cross for face“ and nearly full drawings. Sometimes the full...

Logo Reveal and Comic Progress!


That’s the Logo; isn’t it pretty? In the hallowed traditions of webcomics it is self-made – thanks to some stubbornness and the help of gracious souls who put logo design tutorials onto the internet. I’d like to buy a professional overhaul of it if a print collection ever becomes a thing, but...

Quarterly Review for March 2019


Yeouch, Time flies. March 2019 is over already and that means it’s time for a my quarterly review. So, have I reached what I wanted? Yes and No. Originally I’ve set these goals for January only, but I found that a post each month is simply too annoying for me to keep up with. So...

January 2019 – A month for new beginnings


I haven’t gotten much done in the first two January weeks of 2019, and I don’t regret that at all. Long holidays always wreck my working habits and it takes some time to get back into my groove. Most of my productivity simply comes from momentum, and that needs to be rebuild. My Bullet...

Happy new year! I’ve got GOALS for 2019


Hope everyone of you had a good start in the New Year! May it be better than the last one! We can do this. We survived 2018 after all. My art-related goals for 2019! Publish Nyx+NyssaDo 50 full-colour illustrationsOpen commissions in January.Finish my webpage(s)Spruce up my Social Media Goal 1:...

Ballpoint Pen Sketches


My Instagram‘s a strange beast, I’ve found. So many of my fully finished illustrations barely get seen, but something as simple as these ballpoint pen sketches get tons of time. Perhaps these are simply more eye-catching on the phone compared to something more complex like my first...

Loose-Leaf Bullet Journal!


Yup, I’m still bullet journaling! However, I learned quickly that mixing everything in the same hardbound notebook drove me batty. I  hate leafing through the notebook to find my lists. And I hate relying on post-its to mark my place. Enter the loose-leaf bullet journal. It’s a simple...

Currently Reading: Narbonic the perfect collection


Sometime you just get lucky. A few weeks ago a parcel arrived, it contained a bunch books. Book deliveries are not an unusual event in our household, but this particular one was not addressed to me. Curious. Turns out, my husband had backed the kickstarter for Narbonic the Perfect Collection and...

Weightlifting for Artists!


So… I started weightlifting again two months ago. Been working hard on losing quite a bit of weight for a medical thing, and cardio on a low calorie diet is a recipe for muscle-loss. And well, muscle-loss is bad. It makes so many minor and major health issues worse, including many of mine...

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow