August 2017: Much, much better!

August 2017 was incredible stressfull, but it paid off so well: The wedding was great, and everyone who could come had a lot of fun. Just hope the pictures turned out well – hadn’t had the oppertunity to check them yet. Since I am writing this from the beautiful Greek isle of Rhodes, I’ll keep it short: art Only one new image, but it is a cute one. Also started on the page breakdown for the first Nyx&Nyssa volume. Learned a lot so far. writing Mainly I learned that my first chunk of planned story is far too big for me to comfortably handle, so I am chunking the story. It...

And thus, the eclipse was gay.

A rather neat side-effect of the eclipse this month was a slew of really cute eclipse art over at twitter. The concept of sun and moon as lovers is as old as humanity, but I love seeing modern interpretations of it. 

Nyx’ Mane

Nyx' Mane

There's a REASON Nyx shaves the sides of her head: "80's anime called, they want they hairdos back." Girl got quite the mane when she doesn't take care of it.

Mini-Sketch 4 – Dragon

Dragons are a big part of Realm's myths and legends, and sometimes there are even a few living ones around - much to the dismay of the peasant population...

Sketchbook 24Jun17

here are artists out there whose sketchbooks are things of heart-rending beauty - I am not one of them. This is probably the best page I've ever done.

Mini-Sketch 3 – “She kissed back!”

Nyssa is just such an earnest young woman; she simply acts on what her heart commands, unafraid of the consequences. I like writing her a lot.
Ballpoint pen this time. Works well, but I seriously need to fix my phone's camera.