August 2017: Much, much better!


August 2017 was incredible stressfull, but it paid off so well: The wedding was great, and everyone who could come had a lot of fun. Just hope the pictures turned out well – hadn’t had the oppertunity to check them yet.

Since I am writing this from the beautiful Greek isle of Rhodes, I’ll keep it short:


Only one new image, but it is a cute one. Also started on the page breakdown for the first Nyx&Nyssa volume. Learned a lot so far.


Mainly I learned that my first chunk of planned story is far too big for me to comfortably handle, so I am chunking the story. It is fun – having the Clipstudio Paint page display right next to the script gives me a much better idea of how things look.

It’s kinda scary: 104 pages are simultaneously far, far too little and far, far too much for the story I want to tell. But I am having fun.


Freshly married and on my honeymoon. The sky is vast and spotless; the sea blue and hard as steel, and there are mountains and free icecream.

Yup. We are happy.

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