Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow

About the artist


My name’s Carina Bruce-Kadow and I am an artist currently living and working in London.

I stream a lot, here’s the schedule! My passion is story-telling, in both, illustrations and sequential art – Right now I focus on my graphic novel Nyx+Nyssa, which I want to publish as webcomic in 2019.

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My Artist Tools

I’m am mainly digital artist and use a Wacom Mobile Studio pro 13” with ClipStudio Paint for most of my work. The Mobile Studio is beautiful, powerful but also very, very fickle machine. Drawing on it is a joy, but it has… quirks. Wouldn’t want to give it up, even if I want to slam it against the wall sometimes. I just named it Theodora instead. There’s something great about just being able to stuff your computer into a bag and be done with it.

But even the Mobile Studio has a certain weight, so if I need artist tools that are really easy to carry, I use my 9’7 iPad with Apple Pencil and Procreate  – a wonderful app I can whole-heartily recommend. This little iPad – it’s not a pro – does not have enough power to do print-work comfortably, but it’s perfect for sketches and scribbles on the go.

Yup, lots of tech, but I do appreciate a beautiful machine.

So… Why the nick chalcara?

Back in my student days, during the early days of the internet, there was a thing MUDs – Multi-User Dungeons, text-based multiplayer dungeons you use telnet to log onto. They are a lot like MMO’s,  just that you had text instead of pictures and were run by volunteers. The biggest German one, Morgengrauen, is currently running from a single server at the University of Cologne and has been online for over 26 years now. Being cheap to run is indeed a boon.

Also, I might be getting a tad old.

Anyway, a friend of mine played Morgengrauen and introduced me. I made a little cat-warrior. and since I needed a name, I borrowed “chalcara” from the earliest incarnation of Traces of Chaos. This was before home-computers were common in my corner of the world, so our small group spent a lot of long, happy nights in our university’s computer labratory gaming together. Chalcara just… stuck as my name in that group. We were just THAT kind of geeks who called each other by our online handles.

Happy memories. We still play together. We still obsess about our games just like fifteen years ago – just that our game’s World of Warcraft these days. And all-nighters are hard due to age and work. But I am still chalcara to them and on most online things.

And it still has nothing to do with the Traces of Chaos character but the order of syllables.

Imaginary Skies Art by Carina Bruce-Kadow