These are just some of my favourites. If you want to see all of my art right now, including sketches & progress shots, please check out the Sketchbook over at the blog.


Tools Used

These days I mainly work digitally on a Wacom Mobile Studio 13” in Clipstudio Paint EX (formerly known as Manga Studio), although I have used a variety of other tools and programs in the past. Since I am travelling for work a lot I need a good mix of computing power and transportability, and the Mobile Studio fullfills that requirement quite nicely.

For traditional art I like ballpoint pen for sketching and the brush-pens on bristol-board for linework and inks. I keep trying to get into gauche or oilpaints, but well… Those are not really hotel-room friendly.


Other places To find my Art

Usually updated even before the blog, but some images will be cropped. It’s just the nature of that page.
Once in a while I even update it, but it always lags behind. I mainly keep it for nostalgia reasons – this is where I started out all those years and years ago.