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Dela Hainsate, 2009

Dela Hainsate, 2009
Maybe one day I get around to telling her story, too. That would be neat

Aulell, 2009

Painter, 2009
Aulell's people, the Arruun, are called "Singers of the molten gold" or "Firepeople" in human songs and legends. They do not live on Realm, it is far too cold for them, but their outposts can sometimes be found in live vulcanos, from which they trade some of their skills in fine smithing against gemstones, songs and secrets

My Projects in overview!

Since my story-brain tends to go sprawling and epic and then promptly latches onto the next SHINY!,  I’m working on getting it to focus on the bits I want it to do. Lists help!   1. Traces of Chaos: A sprawling space opera, quite epic in scope. You can read it over at trarr.net. Status:  Currently being published and valiantly limping along. It’s still alive, dammit! But it sure is taking its time. My issue is that my art keeps catching up to my writing, so I am putting in the work to get a script buffer right now. For that to work I have to untangle all the plots and the world building...