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Teenaged Siendes, 2017

Teenaged Siendes, 2017
Playing around with brushpens, the paper isn't particulary suited to it, but it sure is fun. Missed drawing Siendes lately

Mirrough Windwalker, 2003

Mirrough Windwalker, 2003
First picture I ever did of her, she doesn't have her fluffy tail yet. But I'd just figured out how to do fur textures and was VERY proud of that

Chalcara of Trarran, 2005

Chalcara of Trarran,
Painter, 2005
I wanted a poster of her, so I made one. Her design's still basically hasn't changed the last ten years, but my style has; so her proportions and face looks quite a bit different these days

Duty, 2003

It’s the very first finished picture of Chalcara I’ve done. It’s from 2003 if I remember right. Back then the concept for Traces of Chaos was quite different and that’s mirrored in this work.

Still, I like it alot. By now it has historical value

2016; a personal perspective

So. There were a lot of public big things that were quite sucky in 2016, and I would quite appreciate it if 2017 would suck a bit less in that regard. Eitherway, I will not go over them here, even though I sure was fuming at the time. So, an account of things good and bad I had impact on personally. Bad things: I did not get married 2016 despite wanting too. Boo. Gotta fix it this year. My fiancé is willing; it’s the bureaucracy necessary due us being different nationalities that is a pain. The current re-incarnation of Traces of Chaos got killed by inches and I had to make the tough to...

NaNoWriMo 2016, Day 3

Day three and I am behind. 2.429 words so far. But it’s fine, so I keep telling myself. I doubt that the final wordcount of N+N will even hit 50k – it’s a comic script and the story is not that long. And the main goal is to hammer out the rough draft so it can rest in a digital drawer over December. I’d like to do the structural edits in January and I need fresh eyes for that. Still, I really would like to get that stupid word count  trophy… I’ve done it once, around 2006 or 2008 with a Metroid fanfic of all things, and I’d really would like proof that I still have it in me. But no...

October 2016 in Review

Politics is pissing me off, but what else is new? My muted keywords list over at twitter is starting to resemble a full-fledged dictionary, but stuff still bleeds through. I wouldn’t bother with social media anymore, if it weren’t for all those fantastic artists to look at. Health I’ve started on a new medicamentation this months and it does evil, evil things to my digestive tract. Here’s hoping the side-effects soon subside, because it’s clearly doing what it’s supposed to do, so there’s that. Otherwise, after a stint with my autumnal horror cold, I am running again. I am learning...

At this stage, all my writing’s plotting.

So, lately I have been hammering out the scene count for Nyx+Nyssa, my fantasy-horror romance (is it still horror if the main characters WIN?) and the outline is shaping up nicely. Ideally it gets done this week and I can hammer out the rough script next month during NaNoWriMo. It’s quite interesting to work on book per book basis – there’s a metric asston of story there; but I can only fit so much into the roughly 100 pages of each book. 100 pages are 25 scenes on an average of 4 pages per scene. That’s actually damn little space for a full fledged fantasy story, and I have to pick and...