Sunfolk Warrior, 2016

Sunfolk Warrior, 2016
Working on some more fantasy folk for Nyx and Nyssa, gotta have a world that's feels alive

Nyx 2, 2017

Nyx 2, 2017
Slowly getting there with her (lack of) outfit. Nyx' approach to clothes can be summarized as "Nope!" and that's INCONVENIENT in a visual medium


Not sure if I'll ever finish this, but I love the sketch so far. She's still missing her ears, though

On the edge of the forest, 2015

On the edge of the forest, 2015
Love this one, it was instrumental on figuring out who those two are. As soon as their design settles down, I'll redraw it. Even though this scene does not appear in the story at all anymore

Brainstorming plot can be quite useful…

But only if you can focus on the part of the story you right now have to work at.
No brain. NO. I do not need ideas about Theo’s first marriage. It’s at least five years ahead from where we are in the story. I need a character-appropriate ways for Nyx to smash things. Not her reactions to people trying to put her into a dress, as funny as they may be.
Brain, no. BEHAVE.
Detail work like editing seems to help, at least a bit.

March 2017 in Review

Yikes. March just flew by. It was a tough month for me, both emotionally and health-wise, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle and so I still got a good amount of stuff done. I am glad I am feeling better though. Curating my internet consumption  definitely helped.  So no more twitter,  I trimmed down my webcomic feed and avoid  reading Warcraft related whining. Sometimes I still slip up – there are a few artists I like that are only on twitter and checking their feeds is tempting – but I usually get  quickly reminded why it’s a bad idea. Seems like I lost my patience...