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Duty, 2013

Duty v2, 2013
Rework of the very first image digital image of Chalcara. Love how this turned out

Snowball fight, 2011

Snowball fight! 2011
I once hoped to have a full comic in this style, but it is just too much work

Ascii has some SHINY hair, 2013

Ascii has some SHINY hair! 2013
I remember I wanted to draw swoopy lines... This character is based on my old CoH scrapper. Man, I miss that game

Siendes Portrait, 2010

Siendes Portrait, 2010
Been missing her lately. Gotta sit down and write ToC the second the first draft for Nyx+Nyssa is done

Teenaged Nyssa, 2017

Teenaged Nyssa, 2017
She looks very disney princess in this, with a dash of bloodelf. It's the ears

Nyx & Nyssa, 2017

Nyx & Nyssa, 2017
I have figured out CHINS!
Still trying to figure out the appearance of my main characters. Getting there. Right now I am in the "draw them a thousand times to see what sticks" phase

Dela Hainsate, 2009

Dela Hainsate, 2009
Maybe one day I get around to telling her story, too. That would be neat

Nyssa, Portait #1, 2016

Nyssa, Portait #1, April 2016
In wake of doing human Nyx, I wanted to try human Nyssa. I really like the lines, but her skin-tone isn't quite working for me yet

Nyx, Portrait #1, 2016

Nyx, Portrait #1, June 2016
Tried a more human form for Nyx on a whim, decided I liked it more than the furry one. Not quite there yet design-wise, though