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Mini-sketches 2


Pen works SOOO much better than pencil - even though the result is, right now, worse. But the goal is to ween myself off all that fiddling I do, and I hope that'll help.

Slightly Stressed


Slightly Stressed
I have a habit of pulling my shoulders to my ears when stressed, and apparently Siendes shares that one.
This one also reminded me why I started inking digital: My hands shake when I am under stress, and then stroke stabilisation prevents a lot of grief

The last thing they saw, 2015


The last thing they saw, 2015
Chalcara remembers the life of every Trarr that ever died; she knows all their hopes, dreams and all the little lies they told themselves to make bearable. Dying Trarr fade fast from their collective consciousness and so Chalcara makes a point of being with them in their last moments.

Most welcome her. Some do not