She's got enough harpy-blood in her that she has bird-bones, but not enough to be ably to fly. Enough magic that sorcerers try to use her, but not enough to do anything useful with it on her own. Her mood tends to be foul.
Working on a redesign her; I want to keep the feathers and a sharp, angular face, but I want her to look a little bit more human to match Nyx and Nyssa's new design

Slightly Stressed


Slightly Stressed
I have a habit of pulling my shoulders to my ears when stressed, and apparently Siendes shares that one.
This one also reminded me why I started inking digital: My hands shake when I am under stress, and then stroke stabilisation prevents a lot of grief

On the edge of the forest, 2015


On the edge of the forest, 2015
Love this one, it was instrumental on figuring out who those two are. As soon as their design settles down, I'll redraw it. Even though this scene does not appear in the story at all anymore