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Nyssa’s Roses


Nyssa's Roses
I redesigned Nyssa to be less furry while working on this picture, which kinda took the wind out of my sails. Too bad, because it was turning out quite well

On the edge of the forest, 2015


On the edge of the forest, 2015
Love this one, it was instrumental on figuring out who those two are. As soon as their design settles down, I'll redraw it. Even though this scene does not appear in the story at all anymore

April 2016 in Review


Good month, much better than March. I dialled the ToC updates back – tough decision, but the right one. It removed a lot of the pressure on me. Got a new project lined up at work, which worries me a bit – I’ll face lots of traveling, again. But I’ve dealt with this before, and this time the city is nice and lively and even has coffee shops that are open for longer than 5pm. I’ll be...