October 2016 in Review


Politics is pissing me off, but what else is new? My muted keywords list over at twitter is starting to resemble a full-fledged dictionary, but stuff still bleeds through. I wouldn’t bother with social media anymore, if it weren’t for all those fantastic artists to look at.


I’ve started on a new medicamentation this months and it does evil, evil things to my digestive tract. Here’s hoping the side-effects soon subside, because it’s clearly doing what it’s supposed to do, so there’s that.

Otherwise, after a stint with my autumnal horror cold, I am running again. I am learning interesting stuff about my body while doing so. I’ve been doing walk-run-walk-run interval training, but I couldn’t progress with my apps training plan because I couldn’t get past the dreaded four minutes without wracking my legs – cramps, knee pain, the whole works. I can, however, repeat the 2:30 min run almost as often as I like and feel invigorated afterwards, so I finally found a way to make my training harder by repeating the last half of it. Yay!

Eventually the mythic four minutes will fall too, and then I am back on my way to run 10k thrice a week.

Art & Writing

So I am finally home and ready to work, and promptly my drawing screen craps out on me. It’s a drivers issue – I updated them to fix an a problem with it intermittely not working and while THAT got smoothly fixed, now the pen pressure is wonky, making it impossible to ink. Ugh. If it’s not one thing it is another.  I have a cludge set up that allows me to art on my gaming pc, so I can at least get some work done – But since games on the finger tips tends to distract me something fierce, it’s far less than usual. That was the main reason of having two separate systems – one for gaming and one for arts. Here’s hoping it gets fixed soon. I’d hate to uninstall all the games on my new machine so I can work in peace, but I hate running on willpower even more.

Writing-wise: I put a lot of prep-work into Nyx+Nyssa this month and it shows. I now know exactly what I want from that story, which chunk of it to tell, which set pieces I am looking forward to and the overall mood for it. I am indeed ready to write the rough script during NaNoWriMo! It’s going to be great, provided I get things done. Wish me luck!

ToC’s proceeding at pace, too. But with it I am currently in drawing-mode, so I need to finish this chapter before I can write the next one. Ideally, ToC’ll return this month, but I will announce it as soon as I have all the inking and flatting done.

This is something else I realized this month; although that epiphany was a long time in the making. Both script-writing and drawing comics engage exactly the same story-telling bits of the brain, which means I cannot, absolutely cannot write one chapter while drawing another one. They interfere with each other so badly, I cannot successfully do either; should I draw this, should I write this, but the character doesn’t know that yet, etc, etc. I need clear time-separated boxes for both activities.

Luckily it doesn’t matter how and when a page is finished, as long as it goes online in time – and that’s what buffers are for. And writing Nyx+Nyssa  and drawing ToC works just fine, they are different enough that their interference with each other is actually really helpful. So yeah, good stuff there!

I just hope I’ll find a way that makes sure drawing both of them works out fine.


I was at MCM, was fun! Otherwise, not much. I need a few artsy lady-friends to hang out with, but I have no clue how to get at finding one. Been looking at forums, chats, etc; but the two prevailing flavours seem to be “self-indulgently whiny” and “assholes being cruel for their entertainment”; but I am looking for “kind weirdo.”

Ah well, I deal.


Been ill, which is annoying, but otherwise quite happy. I give October a thumbs-up: I’ve been a bit stressed out, but otherwise it’s been a good month with some serious progress made.

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