NaNoWriMo 2016, Day 3


Day three and I am behind.

2.429 words so far.

But it’s fine, so I keep telling myself. I doubt that the final wordcount of N+N will even hit 50k – it’s a comic script and the story is not that long. And the main goal is to hammer out the rough draft so it can rest in a digital drawer over December. I’d like to do the structural edits in January and I need fresh eyes for that.

Still, I really would like to get that stupid word count  trophy… I’ve done it once, around 2006 or 2008 with a Metroid fanfic of all things, and I’d really would like proof that I still have it in me.

But no matter how far I get, I need to work on Traces of Chaos in December – the next chapter needs to Be written and thumbnailed, so it’ll be on time for when the current one finishes, I’m fed up with the delays.

Maybe that’s motivation I need: Finish the n+n rough or bust, December’s for ToC!

Still would like the 50k trophy though…

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