My Projects in overview!


Since my story-brain tends to go sprawling and epic and then promptly latches onto the next SHINY!,  I’m working on getting it to focus on the bits I want it to do. Lists help!


1. Traces of Chaos:

A sprawling space opera, quite epic in scope. You can read it over at

Status:  Currently being published and valiantly limping along.

It’s still alive, dammit! But it sure is taking its time.

My issue is that my art keeps catching up to my writing, so I am putting in the work to get a script buffer right now. For that to work I have to untangle all the plots and the world building and make sure each plot line is on the same level. Going too big too soon is such a common beginners mistake and I am a bit embarrassed to admit I fell prey to it in ToC. I don’t have beta-readers, so the story-debugging is a bit complicated.

But hey, I as long as I keep working on it, it will eventually be finished.

When I started out on this adventure, I expected the art to be the stumbling block. But it is the least of my problems: Podcast + Script + daily timeslot = finished page.


2. Nyx and Nyssa

A lesbian anthro-themed fantasy romance comic. A rather niche appeal, but it’s a small, self-contained story I greatly enjoy working on.

Status: World is being built & plot is being plotted

This is the project I actually work on whenever ToC’s hit its current goal. And since this is currently the shiny idea my brain’s latched on, this ensures ToC’ actually gets done. Yes, the most efficient bribe for my writing brain is allowing it to even write more.  Don’t ask me why, but what works that works!

It’s a relief to work on something quite less epic in scope.  Due to Nyx & Nyssa’s smaller scope I easily can practice plotting, world building and writing techniques on it, which I then take to handle ToC’s challenges.



3. Thundercliff Falls

A planetary Romance with Superheroes. And Aliens. And Gods in exile.

Status: References and Ideas are being collected, but I deliberately do not do any writing for it.

This is a project I am deliberately not working on until Nyx and Nyssa is written and edited. I get to jot down ideas and collect references, but that’s it. That’s harder than it sounds for me, because TCF’s focus on the social effects of its alien world makes it so delightfully different to ToC and N&N, which means I am really, really looking forward to writing it.

But waiting a bit is fine, because it gives me an opportunity to actually learn enough to intelligently write about the problems of my heroes and their friends.


4. Twelve Immortals

Huge fantasy universe, either for comics or multiple novels.

Status: On hold.

The second of two  projects I am deliberately not working on. For starters, it’s less of a project and more of a setting – it has spawned at least three main characters so far, each with multiple books.  It might have to wait till ToC is nearly finished, just so I can give it the time it requires. It will definitivly have to wait till I am done writing N&N. They tackle similar themes, but are a vastly different tone – Writing them too close to each other will give me crossover, which will lower the quality of either work. That’s why I plan to use Thundercliff Falls as a buffer.

But I’m looking forward to. It has the potential to be really great – or totally suck. Time will tell.


5. Silent Suns (working title)

SciFi Noir

Status: Might happen, might not.

A ToC Spinoff about the population of humans that made it to Andromeda before the Sarrath came and knocked Earth back to the Stone Age. There’s a high chance its story will get cannibalised into Thundercliff Falls and ToC itself. ToC already stole one of its main characters and some of its plot might invalidate Silent Suns premise.

We’ll see what’ll happen.

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