Monthly Retrospective: Screw July 2017


I repeat: Screw July 2017. This month sucked. To make you a list:

  1. Work sent me off into the pampa again. Until next year, I will be living in a hotel from Monday till Friday again. Which is especially nice when I will be freshly married.
  2. James and I lost our honeymoon (and quite a bit of money) because the cruise company was shit. Seriously frustrating.
  3. Two of our wedding guests came down with serious health problems. One will most likely not be able to attend, with the other we do not quite know yet. Worries abound.

And this is only the crap I am willing to talk about on the internet. Needless to say, I have a real tough time right now – I do not even look forward to the wedding itself anymore. I just want to get it over with.

We have done some things to rectify the issues in the last two days, but it is too early to tell if they helped or not.


Late in June I posted a picture to instagram which got me quite a bunch off followers and a (for me) unusual number of likes. I couldn’t follow up on it, because this month I only did one measily sketch. A stressed artist is not a very productive artist – at least that’s true for me.

But hey, at least I broke my 13 subscriber ceiling.


  • 14:06 Outlining on Nyx+Nyssa

Outlining is nice and all, but didn’t get any writing done at all. The chapter breakdown isn’t working and the middle is a slog. I do not know quite yet how to fix it.


Not looking forward to anything at all anymore. Stressed. My running and sleeping and eating habits are suffering. I am trying to get better, but it’s hard to keep the head up. I even put on weight again and that really scares me.

Hopefully next month will be better. At least I have a vacation coming up, even if there’s no honeymoon anymore.