Monthly Retrospective: June 2017


In retrospective the stress is getting to me. Between the wedding preparations at home and working on two high pressure projects at work, I really do not sleep much. I hadn’t realized just how much pressure is on me lately.

Thank goodness for Sims 4, that one at least allows me to relax.


  • Eight new sketches
  • one new finished image
  • two reposts

You know, I felt like I didn’t get anything done at all, but that is actually a really great bounty! Much better than last month. And I finally broke the 15 subscriber ceiling on instagram by tagging someone who’d inspired me. It was fun watching all those likes roll in. Talking to people helps. Who knew?

However, I am officially out of images to repost on Instagram. It’ll be interesting to see how the next month turns out.


  • 10:35 hours off editing Nyx+Nyssa

This is very little, but I got past the “Augh, I don’t know what to do!” phase I struggled with last month. The Writing Excuses podcast really helped – they spoke about how to create outlines from a free-written Draft Zero and I sat down and applied it to my Nyx+Nyssa script.  Still got a bit of outlining to do, but I hope to get to work on the First Draft soon.

Got the itch to work on Traces of Chaos again, but that’ll have to wait till Nyx+Nyssa’s First Draft is done.

Health and Happiness

I am so looking towards my honeymoon. We got a cruise. I wanted to do a cruise for years – I love water,  I love ships, I love food and bars like they have a cruise ship – and now I get to see Rome. 

In other news, the real important bits of the wedding are sorted, but there’s still so much details left over. I can’t wait till my wedding is done and the honeymoon is on. I think I’ll be much happier then.

Just realized I stopped running in the last two weeks. Got to start this again, preferably today. But I started meditating again, and that’s a great stress relief.

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