May 2017 in Review


I got the date for my wedding and it’s less than three month ahead and not much is sorted. Kinda frazzled!


  • Re-posted six things – one of them never seen before.
  • Added four new ones, one of them is turning out really great

Still can’t break 13 subscribers on Instagram, actually at the time of writing this, I am down to 11. Boo. Part of it is that quite a few were “I just followed you to make you follow back”, the other part is that my old furry art seems to be scaring off those who follow me for my human one, and vice-versa.

I hope later changes soon, now that I have to rely on my proper work to progress. Although I will always have at least some anthro stuff with the Trarr… Ah well, it is a tad disheartening.

I am so tempted to pick up a Cintiq Companion for more/better drawing experience, but “nice toy” has NEVER fixed my “doesn’t draw enough” issue.


I had issues this month – distracted, you know. So I only clocked in 15:13h of editing.  I shall file that under the usual “ARGH, I I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO” phase of procrastination I go through with every art.

Plot’s scary. So are outlines. And free writing.

Health & Happiness

Well, busy having the “ARGH, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO” phase with my wedding planning – important contracters aren’t answering back.

There’s a content lull in raiding. Stress at work. Slightly ill. Negligible process with running and weightloss. Low on cope and lower on self-care. Just want to curl up and not deal with ANY of it.

To annoyed to put a good spin on it.

I’m getting through it, but its a bumpy ride.

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