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Five Things About Likes on Instagram

So, I’ve been using Instagram for a few months now and while the whole “how to get followers” thing still eludes me, I learned a few things about what matters when it comes to getting likes on Instagram.

Improves the Like-Count:

  1. Posting Frequency
    Posts have shelf-lives and for me it’s roughly a week. But people often like older pictures when they find one of the latest ones.
  2. Hashtags
    It’s hard to tell which are the right ones to use for a particular content. But both the small, slow-moving and the huge high-volume ones are worth using. For the first, your image stays current longer, the other gets more eyeballs, but you drop favours.
  3. Commenting and favouriting other people’s work
    It makes a small but noticeable difference; I guess other artists like to know who checked out their stuff as much as I do.
  4. Image description
    Pictures with a nice story about why or how it was made seem to do better than pictures with “here’s a thing”. But I need more data to confirm/deny that.

ThIngs THat do not matter:

  1. Polish of the Artwork
    Granted, I am not the best judge about the quality of my artwork, but its telling I get more interest in a few charismatic sketches than my highly polished illustrations. Maybe it’s because the hashtags I use, maybe because the photostream does not give them room to breathe, but it GRATES.
  2. If its Colour or Black & White
    At first I thought the colour works would be doing better, but now that I got better at hashtags and descriptions, it really makes no difference. Maybe its a sign I need to find better hashtags for my colour images – or maybe my black and white is simply stronger. I do not know.

The Relationship Between Likes and Followers on Instagram

Follower count seems to impact likes – see the stream of artists followed by thousands – but for me my likes do not translate into followers. I cannot break a count of fifteen, and often drop as low as nine or ten.

That’s the next thing I want to figure out, I’d like to break 25 followers and stay there.

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Imaginary Skies Art & Works by Carina B Kadow