February 2017 in Review


February was a mixed bag, but it contained far more good than bad. All in all I am happy with how the month went.


I over-trained. I must’ve been slightly sickly most of February, and so I missed the warning signs, and suddenly I couldn’t keep up with my old running routine anymore.


So, gotta step back from my old fifteen-minute-run-in-three-chunks run, and do a few shorter runs. March will be mainly about rebuilding.

But you know, it’s merely a setback.

Weightlifting’s fun though, even if I do it less than I’d like. Need a better routine for that.

Art and Writing

Got a lot of things done writing wise this month. Some statistics:

  • spent 21:15 writing on Nyx and Nyssa, aiming for 500 words a day. I do not always hit it or write everyday, but I often  overshoot my 500 words, so i averages it out.
  • Figured out how to pull word counts out of Scrivener iOS! on 7th February I was at 40.433 words, today I was at 47.106. Wordcount in itself doesn’t matter much for what I do – especially not when it comes to the raw draft that needs a ton of editing – but it is motivating!
  • I finished six scenes. Just put the last few words on “the burial and the staff” yesterday. I am think I am around two thirds done with this particular story. It’s going towards the climax very quickly.
  • Spent half an hour putting words on ToC. Hey, it counts!

Art wise, I found that tracking time like I do for writing does no help me (yet). Right now I don’t have a dedicated drawing time, instead I have a sketch book I scribble in whenever I am on a loading screen, flight path or otherwise waiting on something/someone. Found out that this happens more often than I’d like in the kind of games I enjoy.

But this, together with Instagram, worked out very well for me. Because:

  • I got seven (7!) new pieces done; four of them are already on Instagram, three are still waiting for uploads. They’re all simple, but its NEW ART, and that hasn’t happened in ages.

I stalled on my website rebuild, but that’s okay. It’s important, but not urgent, and I had stuff to do that matters more.  Instagram is truly enjoyable and most importantly, uploading is NOT a chore, and so I went and closed down a few other social network/gallery accounts I am barely using anymore. Instead I will focus on a few spaces and learn how to use them well.


Still raiding, still a hermit otherwise. But I think my friends in Germany want me to spent more time in WoW together with them. 🙂

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