February 2016 in Review


Huh. Seems like I forgot January’s review.


Health and Fitness:

Been walking a lot. And started to pay more attention to food. It works, slowly.

Art & Writing:

Anyway. I think the biggest change last month is that I instigated a daily panel count – like a writer makes word count, I want to draw a panel a day at least. Mind you, that panel a day does not include inking, writing, layout and colouring; it’s “just” the drawing of the panel itself, the most time intensive step in my workflow.

So far, it works well. Stuff gets done. I now can draw in the hotel, now that I bought an iPad, even though Procreate pales in comparison to Manga Studio – no surprise there, though. I tried a slew of apps, among them Astropad (for use with Manga Studio) and something called Medibang paint, but none of them are really good. Especially Medibang was a disappointment: I could have dealt with the cluttered UI in return for their great stroke capture, but looking blurry on the iPad Pro’s retina display is an absolute deal breaker for me.

Needless to say, most of my drawing time this month got spend trying to find the drawing app that is least annoying. I’m glad that is more or less done, and I hope Procreate will soon introduce stroke smoothing.


Not feeling it. Still calling my parents regulary, been trying to get into regular contact with friends in Germany and had a visit from the inlaws, but all in all I am just hoping for the world to leave me in peace. My social reserves tend to get exhausted on work.


I’m back on the upswing, now that I got used to my new life rhythm. That makes me happy. 🙂

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