December 2016 in Review!


New year! Lets do this!

I’ll probably post a full year review later (want to reread my other monthly reviews for that!), but for now lets focus on December.


I’ve become that person that happily runs in the rain. James says good. I say my poor fingers are getting cold.

This month’s lesson: My cheap-ish running pants and shirt aren’t really cutting it anymore. I can make it work, but I’d really would love a nice water tight set. And maybe some thin gloves. Need to do some research into winter running, because not being able to go out turns me into a huge grump.

Related lesson: I made sure to buy well-fitting shoes and running bra. I am really glad I did.

Related lesson the second: Losing weight makes the sports-bra lose. (File that under “Well, duh”) It was to tight when I bought it, now it’s a bit lose and I will need another one of those soon-ish, too. Just like with the pants and shirt, I hope I can make that one last another few months so that I can replace it with something neat when I drop into the clothing sizes that actually get to have the nice stuff.

Art & Writing


Done some writing I love. Made a hard decision regarding goals and hopes. Will talk about that in a separate post – maybe in the yearly review one.


Visiting my parents was better than I can explain. I love them. I love the food my mom makes. I love Rostock and the rest of my family, too. Miss them dearly right now.


I’ve been fine. Visiting Rostock was the highlight of the month for me and I spent more time laughing in that week than I did in the whole rest of the month.

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