December 2015 in Review


Not much to say about December, but that it was slightly on the stressful stressful side. I’m traveling four days a week and it’s wrecking me. And while I love Christmas holidays, I need a holiday from them.
Glad this year is over though. Here’s hoping 2016 will be great.

Health & Fitness:
Still traveling and living in hotels for four days a week. Still haven’t found good habits that hold up when I do so. Can’t swim, forget to yoga; the whole situation makes me unhappy.
It’s a challenge. And travelling a lot is a pain.

Art & Writing:
Just like the health habits, my art ones are still seriously disrupted. Been doing a lot of handwritten plotting and world building for Traces of Chaos though. But that’s nothing I can show.
I tried to buy a Microsoft Surface from Microsoft itself to have something I can easily use to draw on the road, but that got prevented by a bug (?) in Microsoft’s online store – which, somehow, is so very, very fitting for the company that made Windows ME and Windows 8.

But while I got saved from windows, no Surface for me means my drawing-while-traveling situation is still up in the air. Really don’t know what to do with that.

We visited my parents for Christmas and my brother came over, too. It’s been a while I had all my immediate family in hugging range and I took advantage of that. James and I also picked great Christmas gifts for everyone around us – there’s always a joy in seeing faces lit up like that.

I’m not as healthy as usual – my disrupted health patterns are taking a toll – so that’s been a drain. Otherwise, I’m doing fine.

I miss my family a lot here in England – more so than I’d thought before I came over. I think the main reason is that I cannot just hop into a train for three to four hours to visit them over the weekend, a flight needs some planning time on both ends, so its happening less. Sure would love to change that, though.
Here’s hoping 2016 will be great!

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