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Budgeting Time

Last month I’ve stumbled about a series of very interesting tweets:

(The whole account is chockfull of helpful tips and very much worth checking out)

I’ve never thought about time in that manner before. Oh, of course I’ve heard about “schedule drawing time every day” and “set deadlines and hit them”,  but somehow I didn’t put two and two together and made the connection:

You can budget time like you budget money.

(Time IS money, I hear the goblins in WoW yelling, and damn, they’re right.)

These days drawing time is precious – Between job and chores and relationship I rarely manage twenty hours a month – twenty precious hours. And, like the second tweet says, I always tend to overwork my art, since I always had a “it takes as long as it takes” approach, even if it meant that stupid tree takes five hours.

(Writing time is tight too, but not quite that precious. I can find it here and there, a pen and a notebook can be carried almost anywhere, while for my art I need to be on my desk.)

This whole thing is definitely worth a try.

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Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow