August 2016 in Review


Wow. August went by FAST. Anyway, lets get on with it!

Health & Fitness

I blame Pokemon Go. It got me walking again, as fast as possible to hatch eggs, and first August week I came to a spot where it was time to decide if I just will go slower for the games sake or say screw it and take up running again.

So I bit the bullet, bought shoes (and finally had an excuse to pick up an Apple Watch) and now I am running again. It’s hard, since I am still very much on the heavy side, but I am making progress.

The Apple Watch might be even more important for me than the running shoes, since it has bars to fill every day by doing activities and eight years of WoW have neatly conditioned me to do strange activities to fill bars.

I haven’t lost a single pounds but I’m the fittest I stopped biking every day during my university days, and that’s a definite plus.

Art & Writing:

Nothing. The last month was a total wash on it. Quite close to giving up on it completely, to be honest.


My parents visited. We dragged them across London every day and the weather was brilliant. All in all fantastic. Been on another wedding.


I’m exhausted. That pretty much blankets everything, although in general I think I do okay.

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