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At this stage, all my writing’s plotting.

So, lately I have been hammering out the scene count for Nyx+Nyssa, my fantasy-horror romance (is it still horror if the main characters WIN?) and the outline is shaping up nicely. Ideally it gets done this week and I can hammer out the rough script next month during NaNoWriMo.

It’s quite interesting to work on book per book basis – there’s a metric asston of story there; but I can only fit so much into the roughly 100 pages of each book. 100 pages are 25 scenes on an average of 4 pages per scene. That’s actually damn little space for a full fledged fantasy story, and I have to pick and choose my scenes very carefully.

But that also made me realize that ToC needs editing badly; oh boy, sooo much editing. For starters the whole Another Life Sektion needs to go – it is just as good as the main story, but they mix strangly. Even ToC has an end I am working towards, but I’ve never paid any attention to page count or where my nifty ideas would take me. Alas – this Sin of Plot has already been gleefully comitted and unless I want to yoink ToC again, it’ll stay where it is, visible to all.

(I do not want to yoink ToC again. I am finally getting somewhere with it. There are just a few superfluous characters that need some story appropiate culling.)

It’s funny how different those two books are. One’s written chapter by chapter in a way that usually involves cliffhangers, the other insists in self-contained books and refuses to yield any attempt at a chapter breakdown.

I don’t think I could write one without the other: ToC-style stream of nifty ideas gave me some of the most awesome pay-offs in Nyx+Nyssa; while the scene count discipline gained from plotting the later tremedeously helps me with dedicing what to include in ToC.

Creative cross-pollination. Apperantly it’s a thing. I’m glad it is.

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Imaginary Skies Art & Writing by Carina B Kadow