2016; a personal perspective


So. There were a lot of public big things that were quite sucky in 2016, and I would quite appreciate it if 2017 would suck a bit less in that regard. Eitherway, I will not go over them here, even though I sure was fuming at the time.

So, an account of things good and bad I had impact on personally.

Bad things:

  1. I did not get married 2016 despite wanting too. Boo. Gotta fix it this year. My fiancé is willing; it’s the bureaucracy necessary due us being different nationalities that is a pain.
  2. The current re-incarnation of Traces of Chaos got killed by inches and I had to make the tough to decision to let it go for now. It was mainly the long months of living in a hotel I had to do due work – had to take too many breaks, proper drawing time was counted by minutes and so I eventually I lost the thread and all motivation. It’s kinda sucky.
  3. The living in hotel for months a piece nearly broke me. I’d like to avoid doing that again.
  4. Still have some bureaucratic stuff regarding my move to England to deal with – less bad, but a real annoyance.
  5. My WoW guild basically died and that cut me off from a lot of fun and social connections I used to have in that game, leaving me alone and uninterested for quite a while.

Good things:

  1. The kitties are healthy and happy and so are James and I, at least on average. The shy kitten is slowly coming out of its shell and seems to be very fond of sitting on James’ lap these days.
  2. My little brother got himself married and I am about to become an aunt!
  3. I started running. In June I went and bought myself an Apple Watch and a pair of good running shoes and since then I am going running twice or thrice a week, provided I am not ill. It makes such a difference in happiness and fitness, I get downright grumpy when I cannot run.
  4. Additionally I’m in treatment for the chronic hormone issue which impacted my weight so much. I’ve been slowly working against my overweight before – the running you know – but I am now losing fat at a steady clip. I do not expect that to continue, but for the first time in my life I get full from eating. I used to be nearly always hungry, no matter how much I ate.
  5. ToC’s current re-incarnation may have slowly died; but the web-development work I did for it did land me a project I do not have to travel for – at least for a while. I am quite happy about that. I feel like ToC took care of me despite everything.
  6. I won NaNoWriMo! Nyx+Nyssa has shaped up really, really nicely. I love the story and the characters and since the scope of that story is much smaller, it is easier to handle, too.
  7. Additional bonus of stopping the current version of ToC: I can take my time to straighten out all the small annoyances in story and character design I had. It may take some time and most likely won’t be in 2017, but with Nyx+Nyssa under my belt I will be much more able to do Siendes’ and Chalcara’s story justice.

All in all 2016 was a mix of good and bad for me, but I am honestly much better of now than I was a year ago.

That’s what counts, doesn’t it?

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